Commercial & Fleet Services


Our goal is to take care of your commercial needs so that there is more time for you to focus on your business. Whether you need vans for deliveries, a large fleet of pickup trucks, or anything in between, we will work with you to find the most beneficial transportation solution for your exact requirements.

We provide our professional insights / service for:

  • Your entire vehicle acquisition process
  • Custom body and equipment up-fitting to meet your unique requirements
  • Service and repair facilities to get you on the road with minimum interruption
  • Scheduled maintenance to maximize your vehicle’s operating efficiency
  • Peace of mind through vehicle commercial / fleet programs to help you save time and expenses
  • And more!


  • Credit line for service & parts
  • Centralized billing features
  • Monthly service invoicing
  • FFC website providing a host of easy-access online features.


  • Emergency priority service for Commercial vehicles
  • Complimentary shuttle service within city limits
  • Commercial vehicle pick-up & re-delivery
  • Wheel and tire storage
  • Vehicle cleaning and detailing


  • Commercial Lines of Credit starting at $250,000
  • Commercial leasing on new & used vehicles
  • Ford Credit Commercial lending
  • Red Carpet Leases
  • Bank financing
  • Combined billing services


This is a customizable, open-ended lease plan for single or multi-unit commercial customers that provides flexible terms and residuals based on your customer’s business requirements. The program can be tailored to meet the specific business needs of any of your commercial customers in a number of ways, such as allowing for high mileage, heavy usage vehicles as well as vehicle modifications and up-fits.


This helps your customer choose the vehicle financing plan best suited for their business and makes it easier for them to acquire commercial vehicles quickly, when they need them, without a long approval process. Ford extends lines of credit for vehicle acquisition regardless of the size of their business or fleet requirements. Ford Commercial Credit will also help plan for vehicle turnover and fleet expansion.


Ford provides a parts and service billing program offering service billing features such as no enrollment or monthly per-vehicle fees and no administrative fees. With Ford Fleet Care, you have the ability to bill purchases of all Genuine Ford and Motorcraft® parts used for the repair and maintenance of vehicles at a fleet facility. Ford Fleet Care provides reporting for monthly invoicing, purchase summaries and full purchase details, making accounting a breeze!


This program ensures that your customer’s vehicles have the protection they need by using Ford-authorized parts and service to keep it running at its best. Coverage includes the repair and replacement of selected components for the earliest of the time, mileage and hours you select and can be pre-paid for a far greater return on your service/parts dollar.


This option is your gateway to a wide range of solutions. It is a next-generation cloud-based fleet management solution designed to help commercial fleet owners manage their vehicles and provide better customer service. Through Ford Telematics, businesses will have complete visibility of key vehicle stats, such as location and speed. This simple, yet powerful tool delivers manufacturer-grade information, insights and solutions right to your fingertips.

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