No Crap Zone


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  • Detailed 115 Point Inspections
  • Free 60 Day Warranty
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Window Stickers
  • 90-Day Revolving Inventory

On some level it’s a little sad that ”car dealer crap” is so common that by not doing it we create a unique experience for our clients. It’s like a travel agent advertising that they won’t break into your house while you’re on holidays. It shouldn’t have to be said, it should just be the way everyone does things because it’s the right thing to do.

Unfortunately it’s not.

So since you are here, and we’re on the same page let’s go over some of the crap that we are talking about.

The Usual Crap

  • Guaranteed Approval
  • If you’re working you’re driving
  • We have the lowest prices on used inventory and we pay the most for your trade
  • Moving our inventory to the mall or the airport or the moon makes the deals better
  • Pressuring you and trying to back you into a corner rather than consulting you and helping you make the best decision for you

The No Crap Zone Difference


We understand that there is a very large grey area between ’holder of immaculate credit’ and ’evil scammer with no intention of ever paying back a dime’. Circumstances such as divorce, job loss, injury and many outside economic factors can affect us all and we take pride in the ability of our team to work with our lenders to build a solid solution for almost anyone. BUT the reality is there are some people who won’t be approved right away. This is where the No Crap Zone difference is the most apparent. If we aren’t able to get you approved on a vehicle that meets your needs we will help you with a plan to get you where you want to be. This plan will not include loan sharks, goons or selling you your own bicycle at 30% interest.


When you’re looking for a pre-owned vehicle there are a huge number of factors that will determine whether the deal is good or not. When we aren’t aware of all of these factors we are forced to make a decision solely based on the price we are asked to pay. Unfortunately there are too many factors that go into setting the price to just assume the cheapest one is the best deal, just as we can’t assume the more expensive one is a better vehicle.

For example, if the wholesale cost is higher there is likely a good reason for it. (We don’t like paying too much for things, so perhaps we had the service records or some other information that increased the value)

Pre-Owned Vehicle Pricing


The actual dealer profit on the transaction

Included Extras

The amount spent "throwing in free stuff"

Reconditioning Repairs

The amount spent both cosmetically and mechanically to improve vehicle and get it ready to sell

Interest Cost

The cost paid to carry the inventory. (Increases the longer the unit is in stock)

Wholesale Cost

What vehicle was purchased for (Auction bid or trade in value, etc.)

On the other hand, if the price is higher just because the vehicle has been sitting around on the lot racking up interest charges that doesn’t add any value and you shouldn’t be excited to pay extra for it. At Hansen Ford Used, we have a strict 90 day inventory policy so this isn’t an issue. If it’s still here in 90 days it’s gone.

When it comes to reconditioning and repairs you have to be careful. This is the first place many dealers will look to cut costs. Don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed breakdown of what was done to a vehicle. Remember that inspected doesn’t mean fixed and looking nice doesn’t mean in fantastic mechanical condition.

Some of the included extras are things you ask to have thrown in on the deal, other included extras include things like accessories that are already installed on the vehicle. It’s up to you to determine whether these items are worth the price to you. (Something the 12 month/20,000 Km comprehensive limited warrantythat is included with our Ford Certified Pre-Owned program is valuable, where spinning rims might not be.)

It’s no secret that businesses need to make a profit to survive, and ours is no different. However, it is our belief (and business model) that it is better to be fair, treat people well and make a little bit from a larger group of satisfied and happy people than it would be to try to squeeze every penny out of a smaller group of unhappy, pressured people.


Will we ask you if you’d like to buy something? Yes, of course we will, that’s the business we’re in.

But what we won’t do is try to back you into a corner and push you into a deal that you don’t want to make. We look to consult you along the process of selecting the right vehicle that will meet your needs (and as many of your wants as we can too). We understand that that process can take different amounts of time depending on where you are at with it, and we won’t pressure you.